Monday, October 12, 2009

bares reposting- edited version

I meant the second to the last one is Kalpakian. The last one is Jennifer Waxler. They both have done stunningly evil things. Everyone named has.

The day
 has not yet come
Hey hey
Some more work
and pray pray pray pray

Still, murky waters fill the bay
The day will come

Hey. Hey!

The day will come

they'll come that day



The placid lake  lies by this bay

On this lake,
Sail boats hardly sway

Rowers row

And children play

In the deep


floats the truth

of the


that will rise to overtake
 what lies above
This placid lake

It will pull it
down below

It will head your way:

Watch the children

Throwing rocks as play

The sailboats hardly sway

The rocks thrown by the children

 cause small ripples

children's giggles fill the day

as the rocks hop

upon the serene waters

and then dissapear

down down below


by the


There will always be more rocks

to throw

How smooth looks the lake

Above the undertow

the swimmers

are heard to say

"what a lovely lovely day."

Watch the rowers

Row row row.

As the sailboats


Hardly sway

Hey hey

the day will come

with delay

down below

Deep in the soil

The undertow

like the snake


Will uncoil

and overtake

The placid lake

filling  the ripples
with scald and roil.

Hey hey the day will come

When that lakes oceanic shriek

Will subside


a hum



Always know

lies the truth --

the  undertow.
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