Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Bentzen Ball is cursed by god himself-- 78 years of leprosy to any attendee

Dear stat counter and obsessive tortfeasors,

Thank you so much. I now have the city and Ip of all my avid readers. The cat is out of the bag and not dying of curiosity because of you.

fern mcfern

Dear tortfeasor avid readers,
 Your ass is in a sling. I pity you. You are in the quicksand of a quagmire and I can't help you-- no one can. I guess you have to fess up and take your medicine, as they say. I mean, gee, dr. villardi is a hired actor? That shit is nastyyyyyyyyyy. Karla Kerlin-- such an alliterative name for such a mess of a human being. are you actually able to sleep at night?

F. Mcfern.
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