Friday, October 16, 2009

broke up with apple fritters but still dating god on and off

Frankly, I have a major love/hate relationship with blogs, twitter, facebook, poor sad abandoned myspace etc.

I'm not in the mood to mince words so if you want your words minced I suggest you surf away to a place where the mincing of words is observed.

Why now, blog, do i state so forcefully my feeling towards the internet. Because I just saw a page on Blogspot that dealt with self promotion and it gave me the queasies.
I do feel that googling for research -- academics or law or medicine is a godsend. Otherwise, I think luddites have a major point-- I see this endless timeless self promotion of gigs and blogs and quests for twitter followers and facebook "friends" and it just doesn't hit me in any good way. I wish it would all go away, actually. I sometimes even yearn for the rotary phone and that atari that let me pong a grey tiny ball on the screen for hours. I get the feeling ,and I've talked to quite a few people about this and they seem to feel the same.

I don't know why but something about the millions of humans marching towards twitter just gave me that so fed up feeling.

Lemmings, Sheep, or just the majority of mankind?

I'm feeling it strongly today-- just too many links and clicks and meta tags and apps and widgets and HTML configuration ... and we've become a much crappier universe.

Again, there is incredible potential in the internet. The Iranian Revolution could have been spurred if a brave and brilliant twitterer or blogger  roused the masses off their complacent(and often fat) asses. 

Corrupt judges and lawyers and all around sociopaths and con men can be exposed too.  I beleive that only acts of sociopathy would allow anyone of good character to write someones name for somewhat public consumption. And I submit that every name I mention  John Gregozek, Tig Notaro, Jennifer Waxler, Felise Cohen Kalpakian, Martin Boags, Judge Karla Kerlin, Judge Mary Lou Villar, Judge John Martinez, Scott Boxenbaum, Harris Wittels, Jazmine Ponce, Val Myers, Stef Willen, "Dr. Villardi" and the crone who sat with him have all gone down to the lowest and most disgusting levels. With a conscience- they would not do these things and so logic leads to that confident conclusion and to my desire to expose them as they deserve to be warned about. Sadly, the PD's are next. In a sense they are the worst. I don't think there are any heros in los angeles.
In my present state  blogging allows me the feeble hope that I am not in a Gulag and I can't be thrown into a show trial if I have so many witnesses. The quality of the witnesses is still unknown to some degree. But, if indeed they suceed with their epic fraud than I'll have some hope that once it's over  and if they don't manage to kill me I have access to a random number of eyeballs. If they manage to kill me-- then maybe those eyeballs will come to some post mortem rescue . That's a depressing thought as my mother and sister could not live without me and visa versa.

The fact that the los angeles judicial system is ripe for major investigation and major soul searching(by the American people that is) is a topic I now care about and will care about till I die. My case is so incredible that I will use the word "Awesome" and not feel badly. It is Awesome. So damned Awesome. Actually this los angeles legal system needs fumigation more than investigation. Yes, that's right. That is what I said.
Please tip the flatfooted hostess at the video bar way down and to your left. Her feet are ay- kiiiiiiing.

It is inevitable, I think,to become a nostalgia ridden fogey in these times of ours when we have nasty azz whoopi golberg gazing at an app to the sounds of cat stevens , two unnatractive men claiming to be either a mac or a pc ,and those awful coffee emporiums with boneheads on laptops. Sometimes there's rows of them-- these boneheads with laptops--  squinting into some faraway space while those of flesh and bone pass by, completely ignored. 
I've never bought a 3 dollar coffee or brought a laptop to a public place so i can talk.

I have more curmudgeonly left in me but I'll stop there. Oh no I can't...
And, the multitasking that seems expected of us all, nowadays. For gracious sake, I put a peice of printer paper in the toaster and a peice of bread in the paper tray today. Needless, to say there was a small but scary fire in the toaster .The bread in the paper tray only caused a bemused chuckle and some stupid crumb cleaning.

Actually, bemused chuckle sound annoying to my tender ear and since this never really even happened I would like my readers to ignore it.

I must go now and party at a local discoteque. Ciao for now

P.S to certain readers: Go to this link if you want to read my plentiful prose about your awful fuckups
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