Monday, October 19, 2009

Damn, that link is still not working to my new site. Of course, this day was just too smooth. Oh well, keep an eye out and remember that Tig Notaro, a creepy crawly comedianne ,is a bigger and badder hoaxster than Richard Heene.

And, remember that Felise Cohen Kalpakian with the help of jennifer waxler and Samantha Jessner (and then it got worse  with Martin Boags and Karla Kerlin and some plant judge in 95 and a phony doctor(!!!!) and Vanderet and even others  but... it stretches credulity to the breaking point -- that I know ) connived and conspired to charge the city of Los angeles for phony hearings and orders. These phony hearings and orders can only be the work of sociopathic natures and what they did will repulse America much more than the hideous but more hapless balloon family.

We are talking about public servants here, people. We are talking about Judges who are willing to do anything to remain judges(good gig) and prosecutors who want to be judges someday . We are talking about an "Elite" LAPD unit called the TMU(Threat management unit(my ass!) who completely are not there to protect the people of California and actually are stealing from it as they conduct fraudulent "investigations" when a real investigation would have ended everything more than a year ago , and we are talking about a small unit of three petite, penniless, and powerless little honeys who just won't back down in the face of such banality. Loooong story and more and more foul souls step forward daily -- but for now--  do know that Trutanich and his minions are no better(absolutely no better at all -- much worse actually) than the worst criminals.

So hard to implore the Austrian or that dreadful judge's  (Mary Lou Villar)brother when you sense deep in your bones that they wouldn't blink and most probably are well aware of the disgraces that go on in Californias courts.
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