Friday, October 9, 2009

David Letterman certainly doesn't pick the bimbos

So the blog  not working. I figure i must cover celebrity gossip and so I let the entertainment tonight stay on tv and then a show called Extra that follows this Entertainment tonight . And, my god.... Mary Hart is still at it and a stepford wife is Joan of Arc by comparison. What a horrilbe show this ET is -- it's like parody but not and it hurt my heart. Then, Extra,- another half hour of Letterman or gosseling of the dead Michael Jackson, and my god... the vulturism. The poker faced or happy faced reportage of the Gosselins crying child. When there is 8 young children there is bound to be one crying child and yet they bring in Nancy Fucking Grace to say, " As a prosecutor I'd demand parenting classes." That is so offensive on so many levels . Anything out of Nancy Grace's mouth is highly suspect and I think she just might represent the majority of prosecutors.  I really sense that most that stay around for long than a few years are blindly ambitios creeps.

Not an organic bone in Nancy's body and she is disgusted by the Gosselins crying child and already is recommending to a judge via a gossip pest that parenting classes be ordered. Now, what if the child had a bleeding ulcer or a bee had just stung her... you .... nancy grace.. you. And, this scary blonde hostess on this Extra that makes me yearn for Mary Hart who is at least too dead to be dangerous and then Neecy from that show where they do the yard sales and help out hoarders.  So, I shut Extra off. I couldn't take it. But no before I saw Perez Hilton thanking them for his success as they discovered him and mentioned him and the rest is history etc.
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