Saturday, October 3, 2009

fresh and focused blog now online

Decided that I need to link my blog like crazy to any and all entities that would be interested in this mad mad tale of judicial and prosecutorial corruption.
 As it stands my "oprah picks her nose" blog is just too much a hodpodge, as the kids say.  So, from now on my delightful musing, ephinanies,  details of my impending  presidency, and  my pricelssdonut shop observances will be here and anything related to the year long attempt  to railroad me or ventings about the depraved will be on that link above.

I promise to included pics and video(going to get that web cam out the closet) and here and there maybe a poem about this travesty. I'll be installing a video bar by the end of the day and there is sure to be a widget embedded. My video bar will allow smoking so all you brave puffers do come by.

See ya,
Fern Mcfern( phi beta kappa from the school of hard knocks)
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