Saturday, October 3, 2009

greed, greed, greed

makes 200, 000 a year and extorts David Letterman. He's in debt this deadbeat. How much can he be spending? It is not going to hurt the unsexy David Letterman to get some virile image.

I've come to really dislike Letterman in the last few years, I think he lost his humor, I can't stand his Palin hatred, and I find him depressing because I loved him as a kid.  but this won't damage him unless of course they find out they were fired if they refused or were only promoted if they had sex with him
 I wish the extorter was was his Chinese homosexual  fuckbuddy threatening to expose Letterman's scat addiction.

Either way, Sarah Palin is smiling somewhere.

Drew Pinsky on another show. He  is a groundhog who just  Pops up everywhere. I see that ubiquitous quack almost daily. Is there no other phony doctor to discuss celebrity sex scandals?
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