Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harris Wittels is the poster boy for ingrown and infected hairs

I really have a hate on for that gross kid, Harris Wittels. I can't stand his face and the fact that he went on a message board and just made up vicious slander against me doesn't help.  I never met this crappish boy and he never met me.
This hairy smelly looking putz gets luckier than 100 percent of people and with no talent and right out of college he manages to get writing jobs that probaby pay a lot. Incredibly lucky but he is a moron and he has a disgusting character that demands legal action. I won't get into that for reasons that include him running away from process servers etc. But, his pointy sweaty little head shouldn't be carefree, that's for sure. So, this post is dedicated to the ingrown hair that is named Harris Wittels and who should be dying of shame rather than grinning like the grinning infected ingrown hair that he is.
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