Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'll be posting to the justice blog today so come visit it me there!

I think this is all Palin's revenge. She's on the right side of things and Letterman is a hypocritical fool and this is Palin instant karma at work.

I'm trying to write a topical blog post about events outside the complete and utter corruption of Division 40(and three other judges in other courts- Bork, Martinez, and now Vanderet) but it's very hard, blog readers, to get heated about David Lettermans lechery when you are witnessing endless corruption with judges, prosecutors, clerks, and you have to figure out the best way to invite a lot of people to come to Glendale on October 14th to witness some of the travesty in Division 95.  I'll have to construct a mass e-mail(i usually hate those and have never written one before) and hope some non termites come out of the woodwork to save the day. Or maybe just extreme linking to any  site with law in the title. Or maybe just a megaphone outside the courts. This is why I can't share my fine thoughts on the Letterman sex scandal today.
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