Monday, October 26, 2009

In other words, make us smell the easy

Dear Fresh and Easy,

 I see that someone from a fancy  P.R  firm googled you, and came upon my blog( and stayed for quite a while) and I won’t say whom but it gave me some temporary delusions of grandeur – i.e I am a blogger. You know, a blogger—not just a blogging braying chronicler. I’m an influence shifter, I’d guess you’d call it . I thought that seeing this P.R firm was a sign that finally there was some smart attempt by some very stupid people to at least consider their mess and try to clean it up but then I see “Fresh and Easy” and I surmise a whole different set of circumstances.

Frankly, I have no idea why you’d come to my blog , insert P.R firm, but I do want to clear up any misconceptions. I figure clearing up misconceptions should be done well and often. Anyway, I’m going to suspend all rational though and just talk to you like you were a friend:
Hey Fresh and Easy,
I am a little sick of giving my opinions away for free but old habits are hard to break so here goes: I think you’re great. I think it’s valiant to open any new Supermarket in these troubling times. I could go on… but I’ll just leave it at this: I only know about how I can’t drag myself to your Sycamore and Hollywood Store. I mean I have a 5 dollar off 30 dollar coupon and I still don’t go. As discussed in that blog post you have read it’s because I can’t foresee parking and the locations doesn’t bespeak freshness. Soooo, I’d say “borrow" from the In and Out burger and make it like grocery shopping won’t take a whole day. I’ve been to the In and Out burger and I waited there much longer than the other “fast food” joints but still I put faith that I’ll be in and out.I didn’t even like the burger but if I was in a rush I still might go there etc.
My point: Make the consumer feel as if there is Parking both available and plentiful. Or, differentiate between why it’s worth it to drive in circles to find metered parking, risk a ticket, walk Hollywood Blvd and see things that would shatter the soul of any reasonable man, to get some of this fresh food you carry. A five dollar coupon doesn’t look like much after paying the ticket and extra therapy.

Warm regads,
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