Sunday, October 25, 2009

James Arthur Ray and Tarra Slovan tentatively scheduled to appear at Books and Bowties in downtown Napa

Someone took away my Zemanta. I'm sure I'll be able to get some other app. But, I wonder why and how they just dissapeared.  I still get to have more labels due to lijit so don't think I'm moping.

This week the Universe will respond, I can feel it.  Tarra Slovan just texted me and she just wrote a new e-book titled: "The Do it yourself sweat lodge."

She might finally have found that key to success. Check out her my toxic lady blog for more info - release date, reviews, tour dates etc.
She made me write this but I think her idea of expelling impurities without dying might be timely. Though it certainly does change your life when you die.

Just had a grim though: It must have not smelled to good in that tarp covered lodge
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