Tuesday, October 6, 2009

just had the icecream and it's excellent

Much more readers to this blog that my wonderful justice one. http://losangelesjusticesreeks.blogspot.com/#I already scanned in lots of stuff for the weekend,  and the fun is just beginning--if your idea of fun is seeing a sweet family get railroaded by corrupt fools. 281 hits today so my mostly silent readership is getting a little sinister, frankly.

A bunch of comedian looking types stopped and stared at me on the way to the 7-11. Normally, I'd think maybe I looked familiar or they were just looking but now I was sure they'd been shown the pictures of me that Matilda Notaro circulates to keep her pretense going and because she's  very sick and twisted .This is a constant problem and it has to be solved by those who caused it because it will never go away otherwise.

Someone on Tv is calling people "bozos" and this is the second time I've heard/seen it(one saw it online) so I won't use it anymore. I knew it wasn't completely original but now i see it's a stinking pattern. I really really don't like unoriginality.

I must admit that I want 19 hits more before the hits  reset to the next day. So, I'll write 7-11 a letter.

Greetings 7-11,

I like you. I do. Just something about you. I saw that you had a fritter in that enclosed cabinet, today. I appreciate it but I had one last week and I'll trudge to the one 5 blocks away because yours tasted like many hands had touched it etc. I think I'm just one fritter away from being sick of them, really.
 I see you've added a whole line of your own products and that they cost less than those so called, "name brands."  I think it's an excellent move and tonight I was able to buy a pint of icecream for 1.99 and that lifted my spirits. You are now also selling chicken wings and pizza and the wings look like they never flew and the pizza is 1.89 and it looks like Costco's pizza had a baby. In other words: Your pizza profit seems excessive. I don't know much about profit as I've always run no profit organizations(not a typo- no profit as opposed to non profit ha ha ha)but I think people are sophisticated nowadays and I think soon your pizza will go the way of the one huge cheetoh in the bag. I still don't know why they call you 7-11 and I don't know why I never make an effort to find out.  I certainly have been there after 11 and you were open so it can't be the hours you keep. I'm sure I'm forgetting something but I thought it was about time you got a note from a highly influential blogger.

stay well,
F. M.

P.S Your chicken finger seem a decent value but they look more like an old giant's finger
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