Saturday, October 3, 2009

Large Thongs for large cracks and the rest

I accidentally posted that last one here. It will be moved to the other blog posthaste(HA) I have no intention of littering this very pretty blog with the monstrosity that is Tig  Notaro or the appallingly corrupt justice system in los angeles.

Just got back from a jaunt to the 99 cent store and had one of those dissapointments that end in the opposite of dissapointment:
Two big cardboard boxes of plastic bags -- filled with  underpants. Fruit of the loom. On closer inspection some with 5 breifs and some with 3. No brainer! Bargain way too weak a word. Wow. Yes! I'll supply myself for life.

What is that I see on the left corner of this plastic enclosed miracle?-- SIZE 14.  I scrounge around for a sane amount of time. All size 14...but very possibly the 3 packs will have smaller sizes-- Yes! 1 pack is a size 5, the rest all 14?  I put my one pack in my hand held purple basket.   I got one at least. I certainly won't be supplied for life but 3 fruit of the looms for a buck! I'm about to run and find my sister to tell her about my find when I see the word "THONG." I squint into basket and it says "THONGS" on all the three packs.
For readers who have not had the pleasure of my aquaintance or deep friendship-- McFern don't wear no thongs. Then, I realized that there was a positive side to going home without good quality 33 cent a peice panties-- I'm not a size 14 and I'm definately never going to be a size 14 that wears a thong. And, though I call very vicious beasts, "fat" when provoked I don't like to insult anyone for no reason but A few undies got loose somehow and man oh man a size 14 is HUGE.

Then, remember blog ,how I mocked Artisinal. Well, at the 99 cents store... Nabisco Artisan  crackers with white cheddar. I bought them. Not too great. Still haven't looked up the meaning up Artisinal- knew the meaning once but drawing a blank. In short though: Not a terrible cheese cracker but nothing to indicate any artisinality.
I know you are waiting to hear the rest of my purchases, blog, but I'm now having flashbacks to court and the exciting new development of the energized Public defenders and how big this could be for mankind and the family,  and talking about the wonderful chocolate graham crackers seems petty.

2. Mother said about Obama today, " I'm getting a real perversion to him"

She meant aversion, see.

3. Found out that I exceeded 2000 labels and that is why I can't use the label feature. I bet there's a troubleshooting guide somewhere... which reminds me about my --get the geeks out of the computer....
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