Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leiber Williams and Labin and Kalpakian get off my blog

Kalpakian and Howie williams,

Get the hell off my blog. I will get you both disbarred. Count on it. You will not cause this much waste and misery and get away with it. And, tell your cronies- Sievers and waxler they too will be exposed and disbarred and hopefully end up finding Christ or something. You are evil and stupid people .
It's possible it's a Labin and Leiber obsessively reading from Canoga Park and you too will regret that you stole the last of our money and a jury will make you pay much much more. Keilbasa and his stooge also should be told that their life is inferior to ours and therefore they ruined themselves. Evil can't win forever, I believe.

Glad to see you read me so nervously but at this point- I just want you the hell off my blog, you mendacious malignancies.
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