Wednesday, October 7, 2009

male practice is not my specialty

as I wait for the suspense to build in the blogoshphere as to the fate of these fat darlings-

I want to post an e-mail of an Iranian woman who I talked to on line to file my civil complaint. I would love to be helpful but this woman looked like she'd just be another nail in my coffin(a certain shadiness) and I definately have not a second to spare but I guess this is why the prosecution is scared of me as a pro per. And, this woman looked smarter than the average courthouse bear.


"we met at the court huose last week at the forms window. I am interested for your assistance. I will be be in downtown area today. I have very limited time as I have a appelt breif due that I am in grace period. my cell phone number is xxx I also have to file a complain for legal male practice kind of immediatley that you may be able to help me. I appreciate if you comntact me at your earliest opportunity."
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