Thursday, October 22, 2009

May everyone who attends this bentzen ball be struck with rickets and scurvy

Gee, she can't stop reading my blog. Should I get a restraining order?
I'm seeing OBSESSION.

What a story. What elements. Too much, really. Velarde a fraud. Boags, Waxler, Kalpakian and all those judges -- done for-- in a just world. I mean, when it comes out they will not be able to have their jobs or maybe even thier freedom. They are so much worse off then me but justice is sloooooow and straaaaaange. Then, you have these grubby comedians willing to do absolutely the worst thing for  a gig. The heidi evidence gets presented: Helloooooooooooo, Tig Notaro is a filthy foul liar. Then, this fest where Tig Notaro rewards her prospective perjurers. And, I just want to write something unrelated to this all. The guy who worked the night of the "push" says it never happened. Actually, nothing happened but some awkward conversation. If willen is willing to lie about the "push" than she too should prepare for a life of legal woes.
Then, you have the bouncer at the Dime and he has signed an affidavit saying this about Tig Notaro, " Everything that woman said is a lie" after reading her statement. He stood right there!

Then, you have Tom Sharpe, Fairbanks, and Kjell Bjorgen as her roomates who must be restrained from me though I've never done an illegal thing to this tig thing and don't even know these guys. Well, it turns out that I easily find out that two of them never lived with her much less were her roomates.
She's a bad seed. She's winning, sure. She's soulless and sick and she got herself a vile and unethical load called Allison Seivers to just vomit up slander after slander.  Now, this seemingly mild and good person is just reading my blog many times a day and it's creeping me out.  She ,Wittles and Kalpakian just can't stay away. Why?

Then, just getting stupid ugly comments that show no insight or humanity.
Now having to talk to more lawyers because Tig Notaro was born with out a conscience.  I don't know this freak and she in essence has stalked me for a year and a half by filing false reports and going after my blood for no reason that would satisfy anyone but corrupt swine and desperate "comedians."
This thing told Heidi that she had a restraining order against me in april of 2008. She is crazy and sick. Where's the mystery? Where's the ambiguity? there isn't any.
  I never so much as saw her or her creepy ex more than once in august of 2007. 

I've officially lost the plot. I mean finding out that they hired an outside imposter for that thing in 95 is just too much to know. And to know that they all have everything to lose is kind of scary.  If I don't blog for a few days, check the morgue. Thanks.
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