Monday, October 5, 2009

Me and Bobby Mgee the sequel

forgot to inclulde what Wittels said,

"How bout that a court deemed you certifiably crazy and gave you a restraining order, spitzberg. You nut."

forgot to put what Harris Wittels wrote in my comments section. I know it's him for reasons I can't reveal. This is the apparently what Tig Notaro is spreading and losers like Wittels are expanding upon for some very unpretty reason. The court  with the fraud restraining order was a corrupt judge named Judge Gerald Rosenberg ,who is known widely to be corrupt, and Notaro and her goons saw what a sham it was and kniow that only because of the involvement of Allison Sievers did she get away with her crime.  As for the court deeming me certifiably crazy? Ask  Judge Samantha Jessner how that came about. And, then ask Judge Mary Lou Villar and Judge Georgina Ricz Torres   why they happily granted me the farretta. ask the other ten judges too. Ask all the people in that courtroom, who I wouldn't name for their safety what they witnessed Kalpakian and Waxler doing and what Jessner really said. Ask the clerk why the minutes are saying what the prosecution wants and not what is happening. Ask Judge Karla Kerlin why she vacated it without protest from a slimy prosecutor named Martin Boags who was specifically put on the case because he is so damned slimy an sociopathic. Ask yourself why a punk like Martin Boags is lying about a sidebar with another in cahoots judge. Ask yourself why Notaro can't keep one story straight and ask Steve agee and all the performers on at Largo on April 7, 2008  for a tape of the evening and see if what Notaro tells you is true. Ask yourself why Lavely and Singer represented this Threat Manangement unit in a major lawsuit and that is why they are involved. Tig Notaro is the dirtiest and most dangerous of liars . Ask Jim Hamilton, Brandon Walsh, Chuck Watkins, Scott Hardy, Lisa Delarious, Maggie the English girl, the bartender and waitresses at cap city comedy-- if I ever stalked or creeped out the comics as is now claimed by Jazz Ponce, Scott Boxenbaum, and Harris Wittels.,Tom Sharpe.

Ask Mishna Wolff, Johhnny Spanish, Christina Mcgrath, Julie Goldman, Anyone from Gotham city improv or uncabaret,Anyone really-- anyone who ever did comedy in NY, Austin, and Los Angeles or ever knew me in my whole life what a sick lie Tig Notaro started.
  There are so many names and so many years that would prove that this was a vicious unforgivable thing created by two disturbed girls and coopted by some other very stupid and disturbed people for reasons that can only be ugly. What a wicked web we weave when we practice to decieve is very true. And to the ones who I've name who have stayed silent while knowing the truth -- you suck-- you really really  do.
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