Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our horror movie(with humor -cause we can't help that)

My sister decided to draw Tig Notaro to fully capture her level of ugliltude. She didn't want to give that scatological woman the honor but only she can really express how tig really looks as she is photogenic. She told me this morning that it was hard to do as she truly became horrified as she is a lover of beauty. She told me that she saw recent pics and that, " Tig is aging in dog years."

The family is calling some of the untermensches and Lauren has called Bernadette Everman an old bitch. My mother was not pleased and called her and ended up calling her a "Bitter old woman."

You need to see and hear Bernadette Everman to understand. She is something reminiscent of Nurse Deisel from Mel Brook's High Anxiety but even scarier. Put her together with the Quack of Quacks, Francisco Velarde, and you have a full cast for a horror movie right there.
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