Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pardon me courtwatchers but the emails would convince the most desperate of comedians that tig notaro is dangerous scary liar

Truly tedious and useless to show the emails but that is in the police report as the weekend of my rage and now more than two years later I'm supposedly under house arrest for doing absolutely nothing. Willen meanwhile got a job from that demonic prune and I have to have to suffer because of Willens  mental illness.
The only evidence against me is a  two page police report where tig makes up all kinds of stories that have long been disproven and where Willen as an explanation as to why i would have anything against this tig thing says how this weekend(5/4-6)  spurred my undying rage. I was supposed to show this at trial and show what a liar willen is but they can't afford a trial, court watchers. They will lose so they now have hired imposter doctors to pretend I'm incompetent. They will do anything not to have 12 jurors witness what they 've done.  Well, I'm now in the process of fixing all this filth but meanwhile I have a migraine and can't file the papers.

Truly, pardon the tiresomeness of these e-mails but I just have nothing to gain from not showing all my cards anymore. There is much more that willen should pray never comes out.

 Athens group!!!,
I see now what I'm dealing with and you are scary. one of those wolves in sheep clothing types. Enjoy your sad little payback from nutsaro and hope the jury doesn't pick up on the fact that you hung up on the investigator and won't sign any statement all this time.
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