Monday, October 26, 2009

the poetics of prosecution

The gist is that prosecutors think they can get away with murder. And, they do year after year, time after time. But, sometimes things do change and some behemoth gets taken to task and leaves the arena as a chastened little bitch.  There must be some law of "that's just the way it is" and there must be times in all histories when certain empires make that one wrong move and end up on that trash heap of history.

Often the price is huge and the players unknown to the public- by choice or circumstance. This I submit is one of those cases.

 Interim periods can be murder. Literally and figuratively. For every Erin Brokovich there's a Karen Silkwood and for every Karen Silkwood there's a dead fighter never detected by the public's radar-either post or pre mortem.

You just know that Goliath picked on others before David came along. Goliath, I'd say, anticipated wrong this time around.  Past experiences or as the law calls them- precedents- can be useful but they are not infinite truth and pre leads to present and then to post and so relying on only pre  alone, would seem unwise.

On the road to  shifts in history
day and night shifts
reveal a dead body
the lions den, the angry pen,
 unabiding faith in a lord
the IED or just the sword
 marchers find the beat
Still or slow
 The  breathing body blows up up up

then  down down down
dead to the ground
Still, they go go go
as futures markets
Still get found

It repeats itself
History, that is
But stocks in the future

Did David just have
great sling shot --
 getting as a witness a
bible writing Scribe
who's silence could not be bought
by threat or  bribe?
we don't know
so we
 might as well
Go go go...
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