Saturday, October 10, 2009

rant shmant -trudging, soldiering on etc.

Just as I felt the bloom come off the rose-blogwise- a preciptious decline in readership. It's almost as if they feel my energies. I looked around at other blogs and what a bloodless coup. Twitter just came in and took over. I hear Myspace is now "ghetto."

I believe that anyone past 18 should re-think there social networking fickleness and just stay put when the next twitter comes along. What will the next networking senstation  be? Will oldsters sign up and re attempt to forge a successful online presence or will we all just drop dead of absurdity? How many nerd millionaires will be made on APPS this year. How many APPS do we as a people need? printer ink is still crazy expensive.  The justice system is filthy. sinkholes everywehre.

I've never networked and look at me-- A blog wunderkind.
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