Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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1) Farretta, Gricz, Mary Lou Villar, find laws- what would farretta rights be in regard to illegal ploy of competency hearing.

2)Jessner- Boags says many times in court- Look at minutes.

3)what prompted it? According to Kalpakian According to Waxler. Show what liars they are. Show that the judge never declared this on her own.

4)According then to Boags. Show all the lies and misstatements. Never was before jessner before, never ask for reinstatement. He and Kerlin in obvious cahoots. Void order. No hearing on filed motions. Hearing on untimely and illegal motions. Void orders, never sent to me or mentioned again.

5)Ex parte- not legal. Fraud, False premise, improper order- fudged minutes, witnesses to it. Federal court 1983

6) time consuming non stipulated continuances, non stipulated temporary judges, non stipulated everything.

7) Bring Howards letters make sure he doesn’t try to twist reality or they try.

8) any communication with lawyers that shows the truth of the matter.

9)Show appeal, appellate brief, all motions, overcompetency

10)Motion To void, motion for two experts, lateness of their motions, unnoticed motions,

11) What compelledd the bozo letter.

12) Please present it and what went on where Howard suggest that Spitzberg be jailed for what??????????? What is Villar up to and why is she only too happy to grant Farretta and why she is gone and why the beast are so intent on me not being my own lawyer.

13) Frank Towers.

14) Any motion , show all conformed copies.

15) no notice of any ruled on hearings

16) Show how Villar granted a perjured and fraudulent search warrants while a motion to traverse was supposedly pending and a franks motion was timely filed

17) Subpoena all clerks,court reports—see what they are willing to go along with to keep their jobs, PD’s too and the prosecutor who threatened the PD who tried to help. Find out what happened to that P.D. Find out why patel says there was a conflict of interest and who Ricz is and why she was there and her connection to Villar.

18) Subpeona Jessner, Kerlin, Vanderet, Landin(why the handwriting and why approve without legal hearing) Kalpakian, Waxler, Boags- Have them lie and lie and get caught.

19) insist that you have signed witness statement under oath from Kelly where she will confirm the lies of Notaro

20) show civil suit and the lies that come back to bite Notaro

21.) Show how Sharpe and Fairbanks don’t live with her. Subpeaona them and Kjell Bjorgen.

22) Subpeaona All the witnesses from discovery

23) Show what happened with P:D and main witness- more fraud. Genunine undeniable conspiracy in div 40 and now 95—money trail will show Dr. Villardi and those two creepy woman were participants – judge too if given a chance.

It’s looking more and more empirical

--Its going to take a miracle

We’ve had two for sure

Will he give us more?

We’re waiting on backup

Replenishing our ammunition

For what’s in store

Can war end with their contrition

Not when their only vision

Is blind ambition

No concessions, holds unbarred

Luck or providence will

Pick the winning card

Arm wrestling or chess

Brute force or mental finesse

The darkness persists

and yearns for the dawn

the arm wrestler won’t rest

as the chess master

poises his  pawn.
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