Monday, October 26, 2009

Shwartzenneger appointees all- the odds are beyond statospheric

Hey hey hey

1000 post as of today. Didn't even notice it now and it's mildly exciting. Much is toooo exciting so mild is good.

Maria Stratton the Judge who would have given that illegally obtained utterly void Bench Warrant is also a Shwartzenegger appointee. I literally smell Marty Singer. This is one big story- one major scandal.

Then, the other shady judge who sent me back to 40 because Jessner fucked up  with the conspiracy is

This wicked web is just growing and growing and I think there is no precedent. I'm trying to get a lawyer and then know I'm telling it like it is but they immediately want the huge fees such scary litigation would entail.
I talk to many of them and I just can't help but note that I am sharper than the vast majority of them. Not an arrogant observation-- just the way it is. The 1983 is coming along and adding 6 more to the conspiracy today was not much fun.

Not pleased that an Austrian seems to be at the root of this and I just can't be fearful in the face of another Austrian. How obnoxious that some movie star son of a Nazi to mess with my mother in her golden years.

Hope Tig Notaro enjoyed telling her Luka  joke . This case is so past her now but I want that trial . I want that trial and I want all the transcripts to take around to every comedy place and comedain that has been lied to by her. She will so busted and America will soon hate her guts and I will delight them with my la comedia.
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