Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stage2 begins now that all bets are off

Why is Felise Cohen Kalpakian reading my blog 5 times a day?

She is an enemy of the people and she is directly responsible for the travesty that will shock and appall this city and actually the whole world. The defense has not even remotely began to fight. Martin Boags sold his father out to make friends. What an ugly ugly group of people-both physically and spiritually.

Kalpakian needs to make it better and figure out a way to do that very soon. Reading my blog won't help. The liabilities are getting more and more stratospheric. That repugnant psycho Tig Notaro is probably overjoyed by the destruction she's caused.

Judge Samantha Jessner will not be elected by the people that is for sure. She really is one evil lady.
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