Wednesday, October 21, 2009

that's right


Truly, stop lying to yourself. I'm sure you're still redeemable. You are the big fake witness and you will make that jury convict if the prosecution will  stop playing all evil. You got a nice Bentzen Ball Gig and you are maybe going to leave day job land one day so why are you reading my stinking blog all day? Why? You don't have the heart to say anything and you are willing to let this continue so just either tell the truth or sign a statement that agrees with Notaro's " She harrassed and targeted Kelly and talked of firearms"

Your life choice? make it or seriously I don't want to see you on my blog because I think wimps and cowards are worse than vicious bullies like your dear benefactor, Tig notaro.  Or keep reading it and soon you too will join the confederacy of dunces. And, you know damned well by now that is what they are. Enjoy D.C this weekend as others burn in the wake of your feckless ambitions!
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