Sunday, October 18, 2009

We hereby sentence you to curated comedy fiascos/festivals

Just learned from watching the FT. Collins Sherriff on the TV that Tig Notaro is guilty of a class 3 4 felonies amongst many misdemeanors. But, in LA LA land my loved ones and I must fight and fight . If Notaro perpetrated this kind of hoax anywhere but L.A she would long have been in jail and the judge and jury would go for the maximum. This is an L.A story. No doubt about it. Desperation for fame and fortune has eats grubby claw prints all over this one.

Willen also is criminally responsible for lying to a public officer and in court(but she at least couldn't or forgot to mention the false accusation of violence) Seccia, Griffee, and Whitaker all perjury and or lying to a public officer/investigator- either one or the other absolutely. Notaro is guilty of about 10 seriious charges and wasting so much money of others and the state, and so far her punishement is to curate "balls" while her victims fight away. Two of the alleged "witnesses" are now invited to perform as is the boy who grabbed and pushed my mother when she served a legal paper on Notaro. His name is Kyle Dunnigan and he gets gigs for battering darling looking older women.

The judges and lawyers and even clerks are criminally culpable as conspiracy is now more than obvious. I'll go light on the clerks-- poor chumps. The LAPD's threat managment unit are major tresspassers of many laws. Their search and seizures will give any layman or non layman ... a seizure.

The only ones who have acted legally in this whole scandal: The Court reporters
How I wish this happened in a real place rather than this shanty panty of a town.
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