Monday, December 7, 2009

Sinfully sane while sampling snacks that are sinfully good.

It seems a shame that you have to go to the clink to enjoy these super duper snacks.

 They are truly great and one of my many many missions is to promote them to the free world(literally) I learned thousands of things in the pokey and one of them is that if you have loved ones to put money on "your books" you have access to some fine ass chips. Overpriced, which is offensive under the circumstances and my loving them so could have to do with the fact that the foodstuffs offered by the awful county were ... NOT VERY GOOD and Shiiit.   My language has coarsened in the slammer as you can see , and I even accidently said ain't once. I was not pleased.

I got to sample the hot hot hot chips, the whole shebang( AWE- SUM) and the sour cream and onion. This pic must be outdated because it doesn't show the Jalapeno Chips which were fabulous and assisted many an unedible meal!

Pastries I enjoyed in the joint coming up.
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