Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My ass, my ass

A quick scroll though my blog and my oh my I had to stop for a beer at the fiasco kiosk. See, a quick scroll instead of stroll?  That is not a typo, my friends. That is clever wordplay. When I see that I had a reader last night from the Pacific Islands and one yesterday from Land O Lakes Florida I'm inspired to share once again to salvage this blog from the scrap heap of cyberspace.  Is it crazy of me to be so effused and freaked out(in that more ambigious way) that there is actually a place called Land O Lakes.  Well, my over(perhaps?)enthusiasm was shortlived and didn't result in antisocial behavor, as per, so no need to try competency ploys again, dears.

Another private joke. These private jokes are not pleasing anyone but me and certainly mean nothing to the individual from Land O Lakes but I figure that with obscurity comes rewards.

I picture a big margarine/butter factory in this Land O Lakes place and lots O lakes and I picture a lot of butter/margarine pride. And, I figure that a lot of snobs might mock such pride or in the alternative the people assume that some snob will mock their particular pride and feel snubbed and the vicious cycle that is life keeps turning and turning.

It occured to me that Land O lakes also makes cheese and so just ignore some latter portions of this post.

I can go on and on but I don't want to dilute the goosebump making properties of the post thus far and so I'll just stop here.

A "joke" I just created on the spot:

What do you call the sandwich maker at the vegan restaurant?

Answer: A wrap star

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