Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My mothers take on the new bachelor if you keep scrolling to the bottom

My resolution to promote great things in the new year is hitting a snag: I can't think of enough great stuff to sustain a blog but I'll keep trying. Saw a very good documentary yesterday called "The King of Kong" it was a bit depressing because it just was about such unattractive characters but I still had that "I love documentaries feeling." It apparently has been out for awhile but I never heard of it but my sister is staying on top of what's current and I'm benefitting.

I woke up and saw on the AOL interface pop up whatsnots that Kathy Griffin is banned from CNN and that someone named Casey Johnson has died. I then saw that this Casey Johnson was the fiance to Tila Tequila and I pictured a large black linebacker. In fact, from a little more looking, it appears that this Casey is a "heiress" and so it can't be a large black male football star. My uninteresting point: I'm out of the loop. Then, I see that Rosie Odonnel has found her soulmate and I marvelled at how I missed the fact that she lost her other soulmate, Kelly Something blonde woman.  Again, I figure that we should retire concepts like "life partner" and "soulmate."

And, that is my ex-hoss-tid two cents before I promote this brilliant boy: Peter Serafinowitz-  Google him and discover him all for yourself.

How my mother described the new "Bachelor': "He's definately not an intellectual."

to make it clear that the pic with the beard is not the new bachelor in the ABC bachelor franchise here is a pic of the new bachelor a fellow by the name of Jake Pavelka and  according to my mother- "not  an intellectual." I watched some of it and some deeply dreadful young lady who worked in "college admissions" called herself a "cuddlebug" and used the word awesome for no good reason and then kissed him for no good reason and he still gave her the first rose and so I concur that Mr. Jake Pavelka will not be insulted if someone on some silly blog doesn't find him  to be an intellectual.
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