Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trying to remember my cancer terminology

Dear blog,

It is very possible that I'll have to abandon you. I'm giving you  a fair warning. I've concluded that this blog is too silly to be a success. I look at you askance now. Maybe, I always did.
I'm very serious . I've concluded that you need to be serious to be successful. Silliness isn't serving me as well as I'd like, see?
I've met many serious people this year and they all fall into some societal conception of success. Don't get me going about sobriety. I don't mean sobriety as in the absence of intoxication, even. This odyssey of a year and a half has forced me to meet my least favortie group of proffessionals, yet. Yes, Judges.( sober as judge judges)
How to rationalize this group without being accused of demonizing or seeing things in black and white?

Hmmmm. I've tried. I've offerred up every conceiveable benefit of the doubt. What a bunch! 6 figure salaries and benefits galore and set for life in the instance they don't go as far as say, Sol Wachler or the judge in the Bess Myerson case.
 Actually, they can go as far as they like, but they just have to count on the odds that are very much in thier favor- everyone, including the press, is scared gutless of them. What a godammed gig!
I grew hearing and beleiving that they were very respectable people. My mother even told me of how one of my great grandfathers was one in Hungary. Now, I figure that great grandfather must have been a bad man.
It's literally and figuratively  nauseating the damage they can do and stay unscathed. As they say in the Lynwood depository and dungeon" I be Tripping."

What a trip isn't serious sounding,  so I'll say instead:  What an awful awful education -- American justice is a myth! Judges do not respect the constitution. If you think differently, good for you , because you haven't been yet dunked in the filthy waters of the Los Angeles Superior courts. I can't speak for other courts but I've spoken to enough  lawyers, onlookers, and victims, to know that what I'm witnessing is not at all new or some isolated cancer. Fear and apathy stink up the courthouses of this not so great country and I need to be serious and say: I'm going to be a social oncologist when I grow up.
If someone dares say they want to smell some justice -- they better be prepared to close their nose as they fight. Whateva. My smell analogies stink. blame the keyboard.

Why am I still bothering with you, blog? I'm guessing I just can't watch anything more die?

People are suffering worse than I in Haiti, and maybe everywhere. I need to be preparing more for the oncoming war so I got to go NOW.

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