Tuesday, February 16, 2010

bye bye blogger blog

Dear Blog,
Look at you, blog. Look how brave and colorful you are. I can't believe you are still here. Are you aware that  I found a "blogging platform" where I am getting much widelier read, and just yesterday-- there were many comments on my posting. I blush and feel moritified when I think of what was said , so I'll keep it to myself.
That's right, my dear,  you weren't being paranoid-- I have pretty much left you for another. You have to admit you were taking a really long time to load lately. Ah, it's not your fault.
And, what a beauty I've found.
Basically, you are all alone. But, I doubt you will be for long.  I see that someone found you just yesterday with these keywords," Harris Wittels unfunny."  From Philly, no less! Then, someone looking for jail chips in Cleveland. Liiiiiiife.
Well, I am no (major) masochist and I have no idea if Wittels is even unfunny or not. In fact, as the forensic dupes at the TMU should now by now, I've never seen a comedy video of any of them.
I do however know that Harry Shittels is a fool, and the worst of liars, and I do hope he ends up in a run down nursing home.  I hope all the rotten ones do. Actually, I'm not that patient- I went them to end up in run down nursing homes YESTERDAY.
 It's natural. I do however marvel that lowlifes like Notaro and Wittels would act as they have when climbing a ladder. It just seems so ....nuts... to throw it all away.  With Boxenbaum and Myers and Ponce and Seccia and Whitaker and Griffee -- They had nothing to lose. Straight up, yo-- they could only gain. But, they weren't lucky because they lied about a person who is very possibly blessed by certain forces(above there somewhere^) and who has a steel trap memory.
But, in the meantime, I must forgot about Wittels and his ilk, because time has become.... unpermissive ... when dealing with such a monumental shit list.
I've been getting sustenance from reading a book about what eventually resulted in the Duke Lacrosse Case , and blogging about matters unrelated to the Clara Folz/Santa Monica courthouse travesty.

I'm also resting lots of hopes on my spiffy lawyer . I googled her (as I google almost every human that crosses my path) and I'm thinking it's that upstate New Yorkness that is making her seem so much better than most I encounter  here. I doubt she knows that I went to S.U.N. Y Albany and so I lived Upstate for 5 years. I doubt she has the time or inclination to find out if it is not relevant at trial.

 She, in turns out, went to my fathers alma mater, University of Michigan. I won't go into the fourth tier schools of Waxler and Kalpakian just yet,  because I don't like to say controversial things. Ha.
 And,  discussing how Marty went to UCLA doesn't say much... considering that his dad was a judge and that he has remained a City attorney for so long, and is now wasting the city's money, and perpetrating  failed soviet era competency ploys on intelligent and innocent individuals , and now just.... what a dodo.

But, it might be relevant to tell the Jury about Notaro's educational ... deficits...because my false accuser could not finish 9th grade after THREE TRIES. I'm of the mind that one doesn't have to have schooling to be smart,  but not being able to finish 9th grade after 3 tries is ... excessive. Seriously. That kind of failure coupled with the pathological lying bespeaks something more ominous at work.

Well, that's how I'm seeing it ,as I know what a dangerous individual Tig Mathilde Notaro turned out to be, and I've read my share of True Crime books etc.  The only thing I have yet to uncover is a mutilated pet.

At this age and this stage, I'm wary of my tendency to project -- fall prey to wishful thinking-- and so I'm well prepared for trial with or without my spiffy lawyer.

Goodbye for a long while, sweet blog, and godspeed.

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