Friday, February 5, 2010

Martin Boags is a nasty little spendthrift

The city of Los  Angeles laid off a thousand workers today and yet they had forensic experts holding innocent people's computers captive.  I can't wait to see the exculpatory evidence they came up with and how much money their evil idiocy costs this broken city.

They took my library card, they raided my home, and falsely imprisoned me ,and they found nothing. What tragic stupid clowns, really. Marty, you're a mess.

And, crazy stupid tig notaro: A bed wetting  three times failed ninth grade dropout, who is aging in dog years.  Notaro looks like chewed beef jerky. She should be outside the Rite Aid panhandling, but despite all odds she has somehow sucked up her way to having some "famous friends."

Well, if she didn't decided to go after someone who never gave a damn about some Z grade comic who repeats Goddamned Luka Jokes.  Now, the whole world is going to see what a liar she is and what she cost this city.

We won't get into the bugeyed maniac, Stef Willen.  Remember there were many people at all the places and you better start trying to corroborate your lies.
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