Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mensa of greater los angeles

In the course of looking at who reads this blog I see that someone is curious as to what I say about Karla Kerlin and on the same search page I see this.

Mensa people of Los Angeles,

Check out what this genius did in case 8CA10541 in Division 40. Ask her what her friend Martin Boags said in a motion about her lack of knowledge when it comes to the law, and why she would let him do that ,and why she would let him lie on that motion as to what happened at that secret sidebar. She knows what happened there and what happened there is she became complicit in a malicious prosecution.

I never applied to Mensa, but If I was there, I'd ask her about what the hell she was thinking when she decided to lie and cover up for a city attorney whose criminality unbenched his own father.
Ask Karla Kerlin why she vacated the illegally obtained order of Judge Samantha Jessner and then let someone get falsely imprisoned on the county's dime for her mistakes. Ask her why she stole 800 dollars in illegal bond money(figuratively) and ask her who made her do this. Ask Judge Karla Kerlin if she is ashamed to have a woman jailed illegally, slandered and abused beyond reason,  and all using thousands of dollars of the County's funds. Ask her how it feels to be a new judge appointed by the governor and already to have  shredded her oath.
Kerlin has based her base(and blind) ambitions on her support for women. Ask her how she felt to see an innocent woman jailed and abused because of Kerlin's(and her cronies) immorality.
 Ask Karla Kerlin about her thoughts on how she has directly devastated the life and health and faith of a  70 year old holocaust female survivor.

You mensa smarties  should ask for a refund stat if you signed up for this snowjob. Please, ask Karla Kerlin all these questions. It would be the right thing to do.

Thoughts from the Bench: The Observations & Experiences of a New Trial Judge” by Karla Kerlin

After having worked for 18 years as a Deputy District Attorney assigned to prosecute sex crimes and homicide cases, Judge Kerlin was appointed to the Los Angeles Superior Court. Her first assignment was the high volume Metropolitan Courthouse where she presided over a caseload which included all criminal misdemeanors from the City of Huntington Park. The cases included domestic violence, driving under the influence, petty theft, resisting arrest, gang injunction violations, and many other misdemeanor offenses. Judge Kerlin recently began a new assignment in the main Criminal Courts Building in downtown Los Angeles where she presides over 80 to 120 cases each day. This assignment is an exciting but stressful place to work with the courtroom filled with hundreds of people. Come join Judge Kerlin as she shares her observations and experiences as a new judge.

Karla Kerlin is a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger on October 30, 2008. She is currently assigned to the main Criminal Courts Building in downtown Los Angeles. Judge Kerlin runs Department 40 which has approximately 100 criminal misdemeanor cases on calendar each day. Prior to the bench, Kerlin was a Deputy District Attorney for 18 years assigned to the Sex Crimes and Major Crimes Divisions among other assignments. She regularly trained social workers, law enforcement, health professionals, victim advocates and prosecutors across the country with a specialization in sex crimes, domestic violence and child abuse. Judge Kerlin was a founding commissioner on the Glendale Commission on the Status of Women and served as the Chair for four years.
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