Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shout out to the jurors no. 2 in case 8CA10541- H Randolph Moore is an angel

A reader in Georgia is looking up my name. Maybe my " I prefer to stay anonymous"juror is in hiding somewhere. I don't blame them for being frightened.
  I'm working on other things now and I doubt I'll be coming here often but I just want the jurors of case 8CA10541 in the CCB or Clara Folz courthouse whatever to know that kind of a liar Katie Ford is and what kind of City attorney Los Angeles has . Katie Ford lied to you and to the judge and she follows a long line of city attorneys who have no shame and will do anything to advance their sad dreams. She left such a trail of lies in the "trial breif" that she has made my life easy but you didn''t get to see that. You didnt' get to see anything but a spectacle, really.  But, I'm sure you remember the mouse monster saying, " You sue a lot of people, don't you Ms. Spitzberg." Well, Jurors, go see how true that is. In my 40 years I've had many reasons and valid lawsuits I could have filed but I never did . That Katie Ford lie is one of the least serious but still why lie like that if you have any case.
I'm going to show you what  a vicious and pathetic liar Mathilde Tig Notaro is soon too but that requires me to access my old computer and I've been too tired to connect wires etc. I will also show you what a liar Martha Kelly, Jackie Kashian, and Jeff Klinger is.
But, for today It is my duty to just tell you that what Ford told you about her dropping charges to make your life easier or to save money is a lie of such absurd proportions and then when someone asked " So what happens now." and the evil Katie Ford told you the judge dismissed it .... cause he didn't want to spend more money... Well, Jurors, I don't have much respect for your reasoning skills, to be honest. How so many could conclude and be ready to convict on such illogical conclusions is very scary.
Only one had common sense , but the others should give a thought or do research on these matters , and they should  know that when you were gone the judge indeed commented on what a long and expensive trial it was and did give a gentle voiced lecture to the prosecution about how it was thier fault and that he thought that they would never successfully prosecute me on it and that he thought it was a civil matter than never should have made it's way to a criminal court. You see, that judge is the exception, and that judge is a just, sharp, and fair man. And, that judge figured out that this was all a retaliation for daring to sue Marty Singer or Allison Siever's client.... The threat management who took on such a case when they never had any reason to and they never investigated(despite me begging them to and supplying witnesses) is also represented by Marty Singer's firmm. That is why I got such a patently false restraining order granted in the first place. So, Katie Ford(and her new BFF whose name we won't mention) when she told you that the judge dismissed it all probably committed more malpractice. I'll find out.  And, I doubt the judge would appreciate her lying about dropping 4 charges for their benefit. In fact, if you didn't hear me that day - those 4 charges were too obvious a part of this very obvious malicious prosecution and those charges were added strictly to intimidate me into pleading to thier bullshit diversion plea. Jail failed, competency barbarities failed, harrasment failed, and that was all they had left in thier arsenal but it of course had to be dropped. If you just knew what those charges were and how embarrassinly transparent they were.

I've let it go that 11 failed in their duty to the truth, but I do think it is my duty for those 11 to not leave that godforsaken courthouse with such false impressions of the city attorney and the los angeles injustice system. I am indeed earnest and relentless about my promise to make sure that others don't have to endure what me and my family endured.
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