Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shout out to the jury of case 8CA10541 and whomever else whatevah

Well, I see you waiting for an update, and i hate to dissapoint.  I'll just talk to the void and not adress the 11 or the 1 or anyone in particular. Today, I thank god and Judge Randolph Moore and the one juror and then I thank god again for that one juror and that one judge. I'm a believer.

Listen, after 12 days for a one count misdemeanor the 11 must have thought that the city must have had some underlying reason to spend millions and get (false) search warrants etc.  That whole fiasco must have swayed them to think that two years and three search warrants must entail a dangerous criminal who should not be let free. Well, there was a dangerous criminal but it was Mathilde Tig notaro and not I. Is that Irony or something more onerous. I'll ponder that question more and get back to you.
The 11 are innocent like I was innocent. Still, they could not if they had followed the law deduced that I went to El Cid on July 14th with the intent to violate the bogus restraining order. It is completely illogical to deduce that and only one brave and smart soul was able to figure that out after such an onslaught of lunacy on the part of the city attorney of Los Angeles and the other parties(you know who you are, bitches).  The jury couldn't have known that my right to attack the validity of the restraining order in a criminal trial is mandated by the Supreme court and that any ruling that denied me that would/should lead to a 100 chance of success on appeal. Listen, I got the fairest and best judge in town but he still had to bow to economies and I understand why I faced the prospect of a wrongful conviction. I have my theories and none of them reflect poorly on that strong and smart judge. FYI too Jury: I filed a civil suit against Mathilde Notaro for defamation and only then did the lavely and singer related threat management unit decided to pretend I committed a crime.  When my mother called horrified, keilbasa said, " What can I do. you sued her didn't you." Didn't you wonder why it took 17 days to report this "violation." And, you know now that it's over and they can't refile I can say that I never intented to violated any order. I was working on voiding it on the courts and the civil suit and It makes zero sense that I would go an try to violate an order or get that POS tig a message in such a way and in such a public place and guess what- going to el cid to do that would be senseless and martha kelly is a liar and the other two bottom feeders, Jackie Kashian, and Jeff  Klinger all got rewarded at the Bentzen Ball(google it) and yet my attorney chose for reasons I'll never understand to leave their highly impeachable credibility unchallenged. Judicial Economy again? What a crock.
 The jury on case 8CA10541 could not have known that Mathilde Tig Notaro messed up very badly when she failed to note that in every "incidence" where I supposedly harrassed her - there were unbiased witnesses and she actually went out of her way to show that she has an agent and that agent too was willling to testify to the truth. So, at a minimum, we had Sam, Heidi, and Julius and the two police officers(one is now dead in a mysterious car accident less than a week after she agreed to testify to the truth). There were many more but only so much resources. But, that trial would have lasted way too long for comfort in a broke state and so I was denied that. That will have to wait for the official voiding and the civil matters. Coercive confinement helped with my patience issues so I'll be... patient. If the jury knew what that smiling villian Katie Ford and her cohorts were willing to do to get me to go away they would not believe it. But, they didn't know and no one would tell them even when it was over. In fact, efforts were made from both sides to leave them with false and dangerous impressions.
In the end, I got to see a judge who redeemed my faith in judgekind - a man who likes to keep his conscience clear. And, that is not as common as you'd think. I can say that I've encountered so many in this insanity that did not concern themselves with silly things like consciencences or morals or blah blah blah.

I did not get a fair trial because it was based on a void order but the judge was without a doubt a fair and excellent man. I salute the honorable Randolph Moore. I have witnessed over 10 judges being completely corrupt in those godforsaken courthouses and I either didn't or couldn't  get out the words, " your honor." in their presence.

Our tiny army went home yesterday in some state of shock and we tried to analyze what we had found the most dispiriting aspect of yesterday. Sure, David did win with that tiny little rock but the bible doesn't go into his psychological state that he had to put up with such evil in the first place. Well, passover is coming and maybe the Pharaoa/Isrealites story is more appropriate. The timing sure points me in that direction.
But, back to being dispirited by the turn of events:
We concluded that it was the traitorious behavior of our assumed advocate that really bummed us out. I will never forget hearing the malignant Katie Ford of the los angeles city attorney lying to the jurors about dropping four charges so they, the jurors, wouldn't have to work so hard. And, they must have thought that odd but hey isn't she swell to do that. I bet they wondered if those 2 other charges were dropped to spare them the hard work too. Gee, the city attorney are sports- dropping 6 charges for no other reason than the concern for the jury. And, then to hear my supposed defender saying, " yeah, she did that to streamline it." and my supposed defender went out of her way to leave them with the impression that the city attorney is a kind considerate entity that will drop 6 charges to just save them the time and effort. She also piped in to reinforce Katie Ford's response to someone asking what happens now to the case that their was a hung jury: In truth, the judge dismissed it because he didn't think they proved their case and he is a good and just man who in all likelihood wanted to throw his gavel at Katie Ford's twisted mouse face.   It can only be conjecture from what I gleaned from many things said in that courtroom Fraulein Ford's answer- "yeah it was dismissed cause the judge wants to save money  is disingenous AT BEST. But, before they could wonder if this made sense or not or even went home and looked up such things my careerist ex defender chimed in to agree with this assessment which suggested that if not for money he would retry this criminal . I guess she wanted to make sure she wouldn't ever be the recipient of any of the hard feelings caused by  their embarrassing and unbeleivable costly malicious prosecution. In short, I couldn't beleive my fucking ears. Maybe i am dramatic, and maybe the fact that I saw that as treachery on so many levels( personally and univerally- why would she contribue to a lie and leave them with an impression of this city attorney as some benelovent considerate entity when the opposite is true) Maybe she just is like most- cowardly and blinded by her bottom line. Maybe, I should just digest that completely and become unflappable in the face of such tiny spirits. Maybe,  tommorow I'll just peacefully accept such harsh realitites-  but for today: Fuck you- you miserable sell out. Climb your crappy ladder and I hope it's a wooden ladder and you get a lot of splinters on the way. I'll never mention your name on my blog because you are young and you can maybe be redeeemed someday and I don't see you as a sociopath so don't worry about that.    Despite so many reasons not to I was thrilled to trust you and those true colors that i'd seen so many flashes of suddenly were in some grotesque sort of technicolor . I'll get/we'll get over the glare soon.       

P.S - That court reporter in court 52 of the CCB works so damned hard and she deserves a vacation!  Same for the young clerk with the pretty white hair and the gentleman, bailiff but hey they don't work as hard as that court reporter. Man,, does that woman work hard and how the hell does she do it?                              

P.S 2- There are a thousand other things the jury should have known and weren't and those all will come out in due time.                                                                                                                      
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