Thursday, March 25, 2010

Picked up the siezed property - what a pathetic site- all that waste of time and spite and money

I fixed up the problem that was making this thing so crazy slow to load. Things are looking up. Stat counter was down yesterday but Google Analytics tells me that the worried warts are still looking at my blog. They really do need to let go.

This blog doesn't draw readers who care about my general welfare but I'll tell you anyway. It's sinking in. I survived 5 shitty entities and now I'm just trying to forgive the 11 that weren't following the instructions and were arriving at a conclusion that makes no logical sense. The foremen told my brutus that she said something in the closing that destroyed my chances etc. I couldn't hear the rest but I sure am curious. I have my ideas. Hopefully my curiosity will subside in time now that I was denied the chance to know things that I'm entitled to know.
But, I wouldn't blame her for an  inadvertant fuck up or the complete lack of effort to impeach those sweaty liars, Kashian, Klinger, Notaro, and Martha Kelly.  But, I sure do blame her for throwing me under the bus at the end like that. It was breathtakingly rotten.
There is a difference between civility with the adversary and helping out your adversary, and lying to the jury about our justice system to make friends with someone. Blech. I hope she and Katie ride off into the sunset together.

My half deaf mother didn't know what I was so upset about and my sister didn't hear but when they did hear they were ten times more disgusted than I was. She then stalked off and said, " I won the case for you. You're welcome."  Blech.
 She did show that 2 charges were bogus. But, it is the judge and that one juror  and our own will that  saved us from more dealings with this disgusting legal system.  Ultimately, it's the whole system that needs changing.... DESPERATELY. In jail(where i was in coercive confinement for a month) "indigent defense" was only despised. Not a one had a good thing to say about any of them. It does turn out that except maybe for anan( who told me my case was a joke and to take it to trial) but who didn't fight the bogus protective order (that was then used very very dirtily by the bone with hair aka Katie Ford ,City attorney and others(ha. we figured it out) they really should do some soul searching because they have the power to do such great things. But, then private lawyers are mostly total creeps too. So, maybe it's just lawyers. Hmmm. Let's hope civil lawyers are a little less shiftier and morally vacant.
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