Saturday, April 17, 2010

It notaro

Oh yeah, I called Tig Notaro, "It" because I find it unseemly for a rapidly aging middle aged woman to call herself "Tig." and I hate saying that name. It's just plain annoying. The lawyers I speak to agree. Not a one in this whole oddysey has ever heard of her and that would kill her. She has convinced herself she is a powerful and famous lady. "Tig"  is the only name Mathilde Notaro is known by, and so  when forced to call her by this idiotic nickname I got fed up of saying, "Tig' and laughingly said, " It." to the lying viper known as Martha Kelly.

It fit. It still does. I had no idea who this Tig was- no idea that she hated me- and couldn't understand why this sociopath was out to ruin my name and life. When faced with a senseless maniac it is very hard to make others understand.
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