Saturday, April 17, 2010

To a potential ex juror

I'm building a website to show the travesty and I'm following the judges's advise. Jurors: Do you know what the judge said to me after he dismissed the case . He said, " Ms. Spitzberg, you have civil remedies.And, he also said, " This was a civil matter that never should have been in a criminal court." 
Jurors: Did you know that Martha Kelly is not a very good friend of Tig Notaro at all. In fact: Notaro never has invited her to perform in her monthly show for years upon years.  There would be no logical reason for me to seek out martha kelly in any way as from what any reasonable person would gather:  Martha Kelly had to return to Austin because of a total lack of success in comedy and her now "dear friend, Tig" never once helped her in any way.  It makes 0 sense that I would go to El Cid  to find this Kelly. I had absolutely no way of knowing she'd be there and I still doubt there was ever a Austin comedy night that night. Katie Ford is a shameless liar( who is in very hot water btw) and she was painfully desperate. So desperate that she sacrificed her whole career, in the end.  Watch for updates on that .
 And, indeed, I had no need to pass messages to Notaro, and if I did I had a million ways to do so without risking false accusations. I see a strange IP - who is reading this repeatedly- perhaps it's a juror and so I want to tell them this. I want to tell them a lot because excluding one smart one-- they really arrived at a retarded conclusion. I blame it on a lot of things but mostly the fake spectacle of this fake unit and the fake charges that were dismissed by the smart judge. After such a spectacle(specter?) they figured something must have happened. It didn't. Not one criminal act was ever committed by Alisa Spitzberg before the fake restraining order or after and much is being done behind the scenes to remedy it, as encouraged by the judge.
I'll try to keep you updated but suffice it to say the majority of you were cheated and one day you will feel embarrassed. I'll forgive you if you had some half sane reason.

Every single person on my too large shit list will regret messing with the mighty Spitzbergs. That's a fact.
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