Thursday, April 29, 2010

Was not shown the majority of documents till now.

Crazy Martha,

You read me daily. It makes no sense.
The internet is huge. Checking here is not going to give you any idea of what will be said about you and the other perjurers and liars. I just came into lots of new documents that will show what a liar you are, and what sicko liars stef willen and tig notaro are. Too many other cretins to name. Maybe, they duped you. Maybe, you have been lied to and have acted accordingly. I sure know you lied on that witness stand and so do you. You should be dying of shame but you are a typical sadsack comedian willing to do anything. The wrong people were messed with and that will haunt you and your sociopath friends for the rest of their miserable lives. Only integral entertainment(ha!) will touch you and that jackie kashian lump.

AA will kick you out when they find out.
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