Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Martin Boags and Martin Singer are bad for Martins


I see that someone from the City attorney is back - looking up that psychotic piece of crap- Martin Boags.
 More than 200 parking  tickets? Marty- Like father like son, I bet. Even Johnnie Cochran couldn't get him off.
  Marty you fucked up so bad again, this time. But, you will get your name in the papers again.
 Such injustices and such a rape of the public trust --doesn't go away. Tell that to back fat Felise, vacant fraulein Katie Ford,  and the rest of your loser cronies. Why did they take you off the case after all your hard and absurd work?
4 days of voire dire ,and 9 preemptive strikes and still you couldn't win. I'd bet you cost the city a cool million with your failed ploys. Do you think the public will tolerate that. They won't.

.  You lost big. You left a trial, that can't be erased.  you will end up  a bathroom attendant, if you are not jailed for a long time.

You messed with the wrong people, and you and your pals Dr. Khaushal Sharma and Dr. Francisco Velarde better start training for new careers.

You have never looked up  your false victim once. Incredible.

I'm compiling it all for maximum presentation ,and I can't beleive you and Keilbasa and that bogus hollywood unit and that fat stupid Allison Sievers thought you could just lie and lie on such an epic and costly scale.
The lies are coming to get you.
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