Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Department of Justice in da house

Dear Department of Justice,

So good to see you on my blog. Justice was molested beyond repair in the Tig Notaro travesty. Justice was gang raped and mutilated - time and time again, and so many watched and didn't do a thing. Not a good samaritan yet.
 I've got it all together, finally. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome makes it hard to construct a timeline, scan it all in, save it, and make sure it is safe etc.

 How one stupid and ugly third rate comedian with a pathological lying problem could cause such chaos. It must be Marty. Marty Singer  and John Lavely are supposed to be a scary To me and the family- they are clueless soulles buffoons. Their ungainly hatchet woman, Allison Sievers, is a disaster-- who will lose her law licence - if she is lucky. If she is truly held accountable she will be sent to jail. They all just made really bad guesses based on really ugly and stupid suppositions.  They are all dirty dirty liars and thiefs.
What they did in this case is downright barbaric and you are right to be googling  Judge Samantha Jessner. But, you need to look into Villar, Kerlin, and  Judge Maria Stratton too. They really are not good for womankind or humankind-- all certifiably wicked. The American public won't accept what they did. I won't get into the others today. The depth and breadth of human monsters in this case is astounding. And, I know that. I know it's hard to beleive ,but it will soon be beleived. Anyway, Department of Justice, I blog elsewhere now, and have found a very hospitable and intelligent place. You should check it out- it's called Open Salon.

The victim in case 8CA10541
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