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Notaro vs Spitzberg Appeal- October 1st 2008 Why is this OK? Where do these boys really live?

 This Appeal court was informed time and time again and shown evidence that Thom Sharpe and Chris Fairbanks, who are comedians, did not or never planned to live with Notaro.  Tig Notaro is a liar and a false accuser and she caused utter destruction -and must be prosecuted. I have never met any of these boys nor they I.

I later found out that Chris Fairbanks also never lived with Notaro and was not living with her at the time she obtained the fraudulent orders. The LAPD's Threat management unit were shown this as was the City Attorney. All my lawyers did nothing till trial to even make note of this.  I have all the e-mails that show that the TMU and the city attorney were told this ,(and everything posted  so far)and  they IGNORED It. They then lost at a costly costly trial that resulted from this here blog.

Appeals Courts Of Los Angeles, Second division blah blah blah.

Both Notaro and Spitzberg are performers at comedy clubs. On May 5, 2008, Notaro filed a petition for a restraining order to stop harassment by Spitzberg. The petition, supported by Notaro's declaration, sought protection for Notaro and three friends who lived with her.

An article written by Tom Sharpe in CityBeat magazine a few months later. A friend of mine discovered this and couldn't beleive that  a journalist , Thom Sharpe, would not reveal that the subject of his article was this rooomate we know knew about.
My friend went  online and asked about it. My friend is the "Hogre" in the comments section.

Tig has friends
Beauty School Dropout
Tig Notaro’s advice for the wayward
By Tom Sharpe
Offstage, Tig Notaro is loved by fellow comics for the way she combines deadpan mock seriousness with a panoply of characters and sound effects injected into conversation. One minute she’s giving singing lessons by earnestly singing terribly off-key scales, the next she’s making a donkey noise, or slipping on a pair of glasses to portray a persnickety soul she calls “Lezbrarian.” Onstage, on The Sarah Silverman Program, it’s pretty much her in a holster, portraying someone named “Tig.” I called her on her cell to ask about an interview and she told me she was about to step onstage in New York. We caught up the next morning.
L.A. CityBeat: Hello Tig, What are you doing in New York?
Tig Notaro: Hello, Tom. I’m doing the Eugene Mirman comedy festival.
Well, that about wraps it up. Did you always know you wanted to do comedy?
I always knew I did. I just didn’t think it was something that was an option for me. I thought that Paula Poundstone got to do it, and Roseanne.
Didn’t you drop out of school at an early age?
I failed eighth grade twice. I failed ninth grade and then I dropped out. So it wasn’t like I was 12 and out on the street smoking cigarettes. I was 17.
What did you do when you were 17, then? What was the plan?
Just to smoke cigarettes.
This always fascinated me, because you strike me as very intelligent – why did you drop out?
I was just so not interested. I felt absolutely crazy every day in class. I knew that running in the hall and chewing gum were not going to make a difference in what I wanted to do.
We’ve talked before about a common experience we had as kids. As a child you were an aggressive, well, an aggressive bed wetter.
Yes. But it didn’t stop at beds. It was pants, it was carpets that I was sitting on, it was swimming pools, it was anything. If it was there, I was going to wet it.
You were ambitious.
I think it’s so funny – that distance from things that were so scary to you as a kid and now. Now as an adult, it’s my job to let everyone know my secrets I was trying to keep. It’s unbelievable that I will actually sit onstage and tell people that I had a greasy bowl haircut and I hated to take baths and I wet my pants and reeked of urine and carried a briefcase when I was 9.
What was in the briefcase, school supplies?
My school supplies. Some Star Wars action figures.
And some urine.
I had some filed in there.
You told me a story once about a time you stayed overnight at a friend’s house.
Oh, my God. So, of course, I have to go through the horrible embarrassment of having to explain that I wet their bed. And if that wasn’t horrifying enough, I was outside playing later that day and they had taken the mattress out of the house, to air out on their back porch. While I was trying to play, my shame was holding me down.
And that was the year that you dropped out of high school.
I think I was in the fifth grade.
You portray Officer Tig on The Sarah Silverman Program. How did you start working with Sarah?
It was a really intense audition process of becoming her friend. She and I met at a comedy club and she got my phone number seven years ago. And it was a lot of lunches and hikes and hanging out. It was a loooong process. Then, seven years later, she offered me the role. Luckily this part was named “Tig” so everything fell into place.
How would you describe Officer Tig?
I think it might just be me with a holster on.
Tell me about your monthly show at Largo.
If I have somebody on the show, I might talk with them, it might be a straight-ahead standup show, it’s kind of whatever. This last show, I interviewed Cheryl Hines from Curb Your Enthusiasm. And Sarah Silverman did a set. Tim Heidecker from Tim and Erik. And TJ Miller.
Any other projects?
I’ve been trying to develop something with Cheryl Hines. And then the ongoing Crackpot crusade: Wayne McClammy, he directed “I’m F*cking Matt Damon,” that Sarah thing, is attached to it.
This is the Crackpot Comedy tour I quit after the first show and Martha Kelly kept doing?
Yes, the idea is we go directly to the houses of the comedy fans. It’s doing shows in people’s living rooms, back yards, driveways, anywhere they’ll have us. We show up with a microphone and an amplifier 30 minutes before show time and it’s up to the people who are having it to promote it, get their friends to come.
And you’ll be in The Sarah Silverman Program premiering ...
It premieres Oct. 8. They’re putting it on right after the new South Park. And they’re showing the second episode on Oct. 9, which is a Thursday and the regular day Sarah’s show is going to be on.

Check the Largo website for upcoming dates:
Published: 10/01/2008
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funny questions, funny answers!!
posted by ladonafeliz on 10/01/08 @ 07:14 p.m.

great article about your roommate. You should mention that you live together.
posted by hogre on 10/09/08 @ 05:23 p.m.

Hogre(after being deleted for asking if Notaro was his roomate)

Wow. What censorship. And, obstruction of justice as well. This is so wrong and ugly and it is all documented. Does tom sharpe or doesn't he live with notaro as she claims? Why would that be censored. Is he not disclosing or is he? That should not be censored.
posted by hogre on 10/10/08 @ 05:41 p.m.
what a sick world when a weekly of some repute acts this way to cover their tracks... or what? What is the rationale for only keeping positive posts left by flaks.
posted by hogre on 10/10/08 @ 05:59 p.m.

written by tom sharpe on city beat magazine's online forum.

There is an insinuation in your comment. Allow me to clarify:
Tig and I have performed in several shows together and I consider her a friend. While we've exchanged the occasional email and phone call, I haven't seen her in person in over 10 months. We have never been roommates. There was some talk a number of months ago about a group of comics renting a house together-- I was one of those comics. While Tig and a couple of other comics did move forward with that plan, I've never even set foot in the place. Curious to know how you could possibly have heard about any of this, or where you got your erroneous information that I was currently her roommate.
Here's who I am:
I'm a standup comic who's been at it for well over a decade-- this past year and a half I've been inactive due to illness. I know and am on friendly terms with probably half of the comedians in Los Angeles. No exaggeration. Hundreds and hundreds of them. I love comics, from big shot headliners to first year open mikers. You can't do comedy in LA for as long as I have without becoming friends with your fellow comics. (Not unless you're antisocial. Which I'm not, Erin, even though I was a bedwetter and one of the best.) When the editor asked me about writing about comedy for citybeat from time to time I expressed concern. I could write about some brilliant comics, but many of them might also happen to be my friends. It was unavoidable. That's the circle that I run in. Was that a problem?
She thought I could work it out. Here's my promise: If I write about a comic, they're going to be relevant and excellent at their craft. If there's a relevant relationship, I will disclose it.
posted by tomsharpe on 10/10/08 @ 12:34 a.m.
Additional clarification because a sentence came out wrong: the circle I run in contains some brilliant comics. I'm not braggin here and saying I'm a brilliant comic. However, I've written many jokes that are brilliantly mediocre. I'm saying after all these years in LA, I am friends with some people who are pretty damn amazing

Your comments and my initial response may have been inadvertently removed along with some targeted comments, which were removed due to their similarity to a glut of comments left on Tig's videos and website and in emails over the past year by a stalker. This person has been court ordered to refrain from all contact with Tig. This is a painful situation and it's truly unfortunate it has to come up here-- I hope that you find it in your heart to understand the circumstances under which you now feel slighted. And I hope that you will refrain from reposting those inappropriate comments as you did above, without waiting for a response.
Again, I am not Tig's roomate. But, I would call her a friend. I have not spoken to her face to face in over 10 months, although we have communicated occasionally by phone and email. As you can see in the interview, I indicated in the question regarding the crackpot tour that I have collaborated with Tig in the past. I was contacted by Tig a number of months ago when she learned that I might have been looking for a place. She and two other comics were concurrently looking for a 4th roommate in a houseful of comedians. I did not move in with them.

As a standup comedian active in the Los Angeles scene for well over a decade, I am on friendly terms with hundreds of comedians. I hope that the concern you've voiced really does regard journalistic integrity as opposed to a personal vendetta and that this will answer your question. My relationships with comedians-- and many of the comics who are most newsworthy in Los Angeles are also my friends-- will have it's pros and cons when I write about comedy. I've learned so much about the inner workings of comedy due to my experience working alongside these comics, interacting with them professionally and socially, and I think this experience qualifies me as an expert as to who is at the top of their comedy game, advancing the craft of standup and making a difference in the Los Angeles and national scene. But I acknowledge it is possible that my friendships might color some objectivity. I keep this in mind and I look to radio for a parallel: I feel that if Steve Jones can do a consistently good radio show, maybe I can somehow pull off an occasional article about comedy. My motivation is this: introduce the Los Angeles public to some truly excellent comedy in the city, and in the process, get paid a few dollars to do it.
I hope this answers your questions
posted by tomsharpe on 10/10/08 @ 09:13 p.m.

written by hogre
Mr. Sharpe,
I find your comments extremely bizzarre and dubious. I asked you if you were her roommate as I'd heard, and you had all my posts and those of another poster removed. Correction: You left one post that was flattering to you.
Now, you come along and mention that Notaro has a stalker. I don't see how that is relevant in any way to you removing posts that only inquire as to the factual nature of your duties as a journalist to disclose. Your statement as to your motivation: "to introduce the Los Angeles public to some truly excellent comedy in the city, and in the process, get paid a few dollars for it," is cast under a cloud if in fact you live with Notaro. You are acting as a member or the press and there are codas you must adhere to. As you can see, my questions are not answered. In light of such prevarications, your stalker story seems very fishy to me and I can't imagine your editor et al. would approve of such a breach of first amendment rights.
posted by hogre on 10/11/08 @ 08:31 a.m.

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