Monday, June 21, 2010

Scott Boxenbaum is a bummer of Cigarettes and a serial slanderer

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This really is kind of funny. I'm remembering how that mouse with fangs,Meanie Mouse Katie Ford, tried to introduce Scott Boxenbaum into the trial . One day she's just like, " Is this a page from a facebook to your knowledg or something. " And, there it says, " Scott Boxenbaum begs any and all to come to a Brisket Dinner. Get there before the really fat comedians do." I'm paraphrasing. But, basically, the gist was that this truly pathetic prosecution had nothing. In fact they had a million exculpatory things that they hid and that no one ever lifted a finger to "discover." All around, the city was there to bury me. It wasn't personal. I have no persecution complexes. It just is clear and evidenced that 2 charges were fought and one was bargained for. I now have no doubt that two cliches occurred- The prosecution was "throwing the kitchen sink," As the public defender prepared to , " throw me under the bus."   The Bentzen ball was not brought up and the fact that all their stories completely kept changing wasn't brought up and incredibly it wasn't noted that the alleged violation of the fraudulent order wasn't even reported until after Notaro was sued civilly. Incredible. What lawyer would not bring those to the attention of a jury?  Martha if you feared for your dear friend why does it say here that you didn't report it but only that Mathilde reported it sometime in August. The police report says August 14th hmmm. hmmm. hmmmm. The civil suit was filed August 13th hmm hmm hmmm.
The jury, by all rights, should have left that courthouse shaking their heads at the disgusting display of waste, corruption and ineptitude. Instead, they were just probably confounded and overwhelmed by a sense of nonsense.
Well, back to Scott Boxenbaum, the world's vilest wannabe comedian. He has tons of competition but he gets the medal.

Why? He is in his mid forties. He comes from a very wealthy background(buy your own cigarettes, bitch) He actively and gleefully defamed Spitzberg - when he had no dog in the race. None whatsoever. He had zero logical reason to do so. No one even insulted him. The others; yes, one was called bald, so ... he perjured himself. Not acceptable, of course, but a tiny pony in the race. But, Boxenbaum-- bummed a cigarette. Was gracefully given a cigarette by the same person he would soon aim to harm.  Scott Boxenbaum is so beyond the pale that it makes me.... pale. Nevertheless, those embarrassing maneuvers of the city attorney were so very misplaced.  You'd have to wonder - did they bring in the cretinous specter of Scott Boxenbaum to rile me up and bias the jury. Was that a part of their one two punch - Get back fat Kalpakian to come in for no understandable reason(For pete's sake the judge threw her out on her backfat.) and I would .... what.... start foaming at the mouth, ripping my hair out for all to see?  Well, they kept making such bad uneducated guesses then. They had no idea who I was. They listened, perhaps, to the liars, and when you listen to liars... you lose. 

I saw backfat and it wasn't pretty, sure. To witness a complete absence of beauty isn't fun but she was just lumped in(no pun intended) with Boags, and Waxler and all the shitty judges and other immorals at that point. It wasn't personal. Felise Cohen Kalpakian  really sucks. She's supposed to be pursuing justice, and she's doing the opposite .

Scott Boxenbaum also really really sucks- he is a twisted turd, in so many words. Yet, their guesses where  so lame and so wrong.  I think a lot of them are simple minded. It's a soothing thought because I prefer that to malice but sadly too much evidence suggest malice .

Another bad guess on their parts: The posting of the illegally obtained "Appeal decision" has re-tolled the statute of limitions on the online defamation of Wittels, Boxenbaum, Ponce, Myers Sievers, Notaro etc.

I can see Wittels thinking - why am I any better than that loser Scott Boxenbaum, I also just made up vicious stories and shared them widely for no conceivable reason. I am just as much a freakish liar and false accuser. I too had not a shred of beef with this person?Corpulent and crumby Val Myers and Jazz might think the same.

So this is my answer Harris Shittels et al: You are younger. You stink to the high heavens but Boxenbaum really really went out of his way even more than you did.Come to think of it at least you're doing well in comedy. You might even be worse. Mitigation or aggravating.... not easy . But Scott Boxenbaum, he's nearly 50 years old- almost 50 years to attain the most basic humanity.

That just chaps the ass ... but not enough to get me to "act out" in front of a jury, suckas!
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