Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stef Willen is a twisted menace to society

Such mysterious readers. One is going through all the archives and I have no real idea why. Could be they actaully enjoy the blog but I'm either modest or highly suspicious cause I think this character is trying to find something I say that will impeach my azz.  Save your time out there in sunny Chandler Arizona: There is nothing that can be found that will erase the injustice that was done. Why? Because, I never committed a crime and yet I(and my dear family) was made to pay and pay and do time and .... there was never a crime committed. And, so I never can admit to a crime when one wasn't committed, see? I could be verbally nasty when provoked. I have said mean things that I regret ,and looking back I sure wouldn't tell Willen she's a moron ,if I knew that she'd feel this entitled her to lie in such epic ways- that caused so much waste and misery.

I mean there is anger and there is..... madness. There is revenge and there is .... crime. Stef Willen and Notaro and those they dragged under with them- have committed crimes. Yet, still they are unprosecuted. What a crock.

In March of 2010, she was still going on with the push lie but now it was clear that she was lying, and she should have known that their was an unbiased witness who would testify that she is a liar. She should have known that all her version clashed with the other versions herself and her homely obsession.
But, she is a moron, because now she tells Martin Boags a different story ,but with that same sick lie, and now she is adding nutso details to try and give it more logic and she is not bright because it makes her look terrible.
Who does  that?  I thought she came from a normal middle class background. How did she get so crazy and twisted that whe would do what she's done and keep doing it as late as March 2010.  Their will be no mitigating factors when she stands trial. Her  partner in crime seems to come from trash and that, I guess, should be in her favor.

I wonder why the reader in New York is looking for Stef Willen and Tig Notaro and I wonder what they are finding.  Well, reader, you could be anyone. I wouldn't make the mistake that the freaks at the City attorney made or the TMU pretended to make and just assume things and use it as if it is chargeable truth.  They charged me based on the accusations of two twisted creepazoids by the names of Stef Willen and Tig Notaro. From my case, one would deduce that these two ladies were more powerful that President Barack Obama and Osama Bin Ladin combined.
  If you see my case you will think, " My god, Tig Notaro is the most influential person in the world, and the city of Los angeles will spend millions and disgrace themeselves in so many ways just on her hunches, alone. Even when the witnesses and documents come flying in saying that nothing she says COULD be true, that won't matter.

Tig Notaro is the centuries most powerful figure by all indications. She'd love to hear that. She would think that it was a compliment.
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