Monday, July 19, 2010

Bitter blog part 7000

Someone in Quebec is using the keyword, " Tig Notaro Fleeced California" and then searching " Stef Willen Retard" in Illinois and then " Martin Boags evil jerk." in L.A.

They don't  know  the the hundredth of it. New discovery that Stef Willen was so much worse that we first suspected. She really kept inventing lies and trying to just do anything to "win," till the bitter end.  She went further than 99.9 people would have gone in the same situation. No doubt about it- She is a sociopath ,and a she and Notaro have committed many criminal acts in the course of this. I never knew Notaro so I can't feel bad for not knowing any better, but I do feel strange that I didn't foresee how sick and destructive Stef Willen was. I'd bet she thought it was all lots of fun to get back her partner in crime(literally) and all this was a godsend to her.

By law these two cancers stalked me with false reports and non stop false accusations,  and by law, I never committed one criminal act in the course of this or in my life, really.
They know it and the rest knew it too and that's what makes it so so wrong. I'm sure some who couldn't have known much better bought  the lies  but many had to have known by the evidence, and there are civil remedies galore.

Martin Boags is another story and that's some story. And, yes he is an evil jerk,dear reader.  He's out of a bad horror movie. Man oh man there is evil in that City Attorneys office and all over the "justice" system. Poor Lindsay Lohan. I hope she escapes it's clutches soon.

 Jennifer Waxler, City Attorney, also turned out to be even worse that supsected.

Some we're trying to excuse  as incompetent cogs cause it's hard to beleive so many are so soulless .  It's hard though to excuse such apathy or ineptness when dealing with such serious things as justice. Ah, well. blah blah blah. bandwidth abuse.
As the pieces are coming together, so much mysteries are getting solved . It's kind of exciting to finally grasp the enormity of what we were up against but it's also deeply sickening to know what these Nazis were doing in the name of the "People of California." Bitter? Absolutely. But, I'll turn it into something good someday soon.
 Martha (the dry drunk and very dishonest doormat)  Kelly, Jackie (the lame lying  lump) Kashian, and Jeff  (I'll kill my own mother for a gig)  Klinger all now are clearly perjurers. Hunter Seidman joins the fray with witness tampering.

Ah, Los Angeles. I don't think this could have happened anywhere else.
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