Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hunter Seidman rising rapidly all the way to his santa monica apartment building

Hunter Seidman is rising at a very rapid pace after he began to  try to intimidate a real talent agent who was a witness in a very serious criminal trial. According to sources, Hunter Seidman did it at the behest of the grisly Mathilde Tig Notaro. She must have a lot of "pull," for him to sacrifice so much. 


Hunter Seidman now joins the ranks of machers like Scott Boxenbaum and Harris Wittels who really work hard at kissing the grossest of asses.



Baseline First Look -March 19, 2010 - iContact Community

Actor Jai Courtney now managed by Jeff Golenberg, Todd Diener and Ashley Franklin/The Collective. Hunter Seidman and Christina Gualazzi ... - Cached
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