Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hi Big lawfirm looking up the deeply corrupt judge Samantha Jessner

Hi there big LLP people,

Judge Samantha Jessner is as bad as it gets. Look what she did in case 8CA10541-01 and
ZM015295.  She is a disgrace as a woman and as a judge. She conspired to destroy the lives of a holocaust survivor and her children.  There is no way out of that. There is no excuse for what they did.

Judges Samantha Jessner, Karlin Kerlin and Maria Stratton are the personification of evil . John Martinez and Vanderet too, of course. , but this triumvite really really behaved like something from a horror movie.

I can only hope that they were conned into behaving this way, or that Karma and federal law suits will bring them to justice. Such injustice doesn't go away.
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