Thursday, August 5, 2010

this blog gets the strangest searches

Num Perc.Search Term
drill down6323.51%swine effluvia
drill down4014.93%lapd threat management unit novel
drill down248.96%tig notaro trial
drill down176.34%Alisa Spitzberg
drill down145.22%insubuy fraud
drill down72.61%upskirt pitchers

drill down72.61%somone canoga park
drill down72.61%"nattie kennebrew"
drill down72.61%canoga park somone
drill down72.61%tig notaro controversy
drill down72.61%franica tawn
drill down72.61%"michael griffee" largo
drill down72.61%"Lauren Spitzberg"
drill down72.61%hunter seidman heidi feigin
drill down72.61%"rollerbagel"
drill down72.61%tig notaro lawsuit
drill down72.61%JOHN GREGOZEK
drill down72.61%"alisa spitzberg" facebook
drill down41.49%scott boxenbaum\
drill down20.75% lady baja
drill down10.37%tig notaro stef willen
drill down10.37%farleslaben
drill down10.37%Tig Notaro is a douchebag.
drill down10.37%tig notaro stef willen allison sievers
drill down10.37%moving toxic old stuff with shiatsu
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Dismissed in the Interests of Justice: The incredible (and I mean incredible) true story of how a comedian,Tig Notaro, saved her brand by destroying a life

"Holy shit. This is... insane..." Yes it was.  Yes it is. Stone cold crazy. Batshit. Baying at the moon. Barking a loony tune. S...