Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The absurd strategies of the foiled railroading and fiasco that was case 8ca10541

In the midst of all this seriousness we are forced to face- the sister and I just had such a big belly laugh.

We were talking about the realities of this case and the stuff they kept throwing and throwing and that wouldn't stick, and how by all indications they were working so so so hard and were so so so off base.  My real theory is that good won over evil- but that sounds too flaky.
All for what would be viewed by an uninterested bystander as the smallest possible case. But, it got so huge, and yet if it was a movie it would be called, "The misdemeanor" and by virtue of that- it would have to be some sort of a comedy.

Amidst the terribleness- what a farce.

I was telling  Sister how that thing Scott Boxenbaum is always looking himself up and reading this dumb  blog,  and I started telling her in more detail how at trial, Katie malicous mouse Ford, after another obvious strategy session  came up with a Scott Boxenbaum ploy at trial. It is hilarious, especially in retrospect.  The plea offer was informal diversion,  and you see they were sure I'd take the plea when it was supposedly the best possible plea deal going. They were sure I'd take it on October 16th 2008. It didn't work out that way
But, I didn't take that plea ,and though it was hell and a sneak and peek into the dark side of the justice system - I have zero regrets, of course.

They were like... false charges and sam moreno from homeland security - that will do the trick..

7 sneak and peek search warrants- that should do the trick. No???? 

Get the the whole elite threat management unit of the LAPD  to try to scare the living hell out of her and her 71 year old mother. Storm their house and take away their stuff. Put the whole TMU in SWAT GEAR and use them all to do a warrantless and baseless arrest:

Dunn is all- I am telling you this will bar none without a shadow of a doubt scare the bejeesus and get them to finally finally SUBMIT. spare no expense my pretties.

NOOOOOO??? They called us clods instead????????

HOLY SHIT!! What else is there????? Maria!!!!!

Competency ploy-  creepy sharma and velarde waxler jessner vanderet kerlin waxler stratton boags  . NOW THAT will do the trick.   


31 days of  no bail jail and the specter of a lawless corrupt judge like Judge Maria Stratton-
I am telling you that will be the TICKET. Noooooooooooo?

4 more  bogus charges with scary designations and the potential for serious jail time.-  

I assure you comrades this will have the desired effect. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO??? What is up with this non lavely and singer represented bitch???

Ok, lets bring out the fraudulent Dennis Landin Order- maybe that will work. Villar and the others would do it.

HUH- this judge isn't in our pockets. DAMN DAMN.

Hmmm, Bring in Backfat Kalpakian  and try to twist the words of the judge when he said he thought this was a civil matter that didn't belong in this criminal court, and get him to say he doesn't have jurisdiction so we can get one of our many corrupt judge friends to complete the railroading.   

What !!!???   This judge is a man and not some twisted plant like us . OMG WTF.

Ok, lets raise the specter of Scott Boxenbaum  as some perry mason  moment-  

She didn't flinch? Oops. Ummm.


 There were even more . The gist is that it was such a joke when it wasn't a nightmare. And, the taxpayers picked up the tab. Many of them don't necessarily have a good sense of humor and just will be plain infuriated. We'll see.
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