Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Transcripts forthcoming- Karla Kerlin is willing to do anything to please her masters and a bonus scott boxenbaum stinks feature

So far on this blog, The biggest search for a specific  asshole/sociopath/fool, is for Scott Boxenbaum .

My blog is crawling with the names of those so profoundly rotten and sick that their exposure is necessitated - if one wants to be a responsible citizen.

So it's a little shocking that there are so  many searches for the utterly useless Scott Boxenbaum .Who knows why. I can't pretend, like some others I know , that I  know exactly who is searching or writing something online.

I just know that Scott Boxenbaum searches are many to this blog, and every time I see it, I think how damned pitiful  he really is . People like him assault the eyes and senses of the attractive and dignified, that's for sure.

Does he really think that he will ever make it as a comedian? Is that his concern?
He simply has no talent, no charm, and no looks and he has needlessly and with bizzarre levels of malice defamed and harrassed a total stranger to him.  This total stranger to him will never let him or his gruesome bully cronies live this  down.  Sure, if he begs and pleads for forgiveness ,explains how he was led astray, or offers to assist in redressing my GREIVANCES- all is possible. Otherwise, he and the others can look forward to a lifetime of  well deserved DISGUST and bafflement that they would do such evil things for no understandable reason.  .

I sure would never try to dash some loser's dreams  and I sure would never write a mean thing about the excrable Boxenbaum had he not so incomprehensibly gone after my blood. The man, the mouse, Scott Boxenbaum is nearing 50 years old - only an impoverished deeply disturbed pre teen or teen could ever be excused for such actions.

Scott Boxenbaum has continued to target me in order to get ahead.  It's really very irritating when something like him feeds on your misfortune . It all started with the  depraved and deranged Stef Willen and Tig Mathilde Notaro but has metastized into a mammoth assortment of monstrous tortfeasors . Mindbending.

Today, I am forced to work on specific villians, and most of what I must draft, today, involves Judge Karla Kerlin .  boy oh boy oh boy- she makes Scott Boxenbaum look like very small potatoes, evil wise. She makes Scott Boxenbaum seemed like a baby potato - so small that only 3 specialty stores in the U.S.A carry such a tiny potato.

Wow oh Wow is Judge Karla Kerlin one scary and ruthless monstrosity.  I would hope that any innocent defendant, who will not take a plea when innocent, never has to run into her in that serpent ridden sewer AKA division 40 of the Clara Foltz courthouse.

Recuse recuse at the sight of her if such is the case!!!!!!!!!  SERIOUSLY: If you are innocent and you see Karla Kelrin - do everything in your power to recuse her before it is too late.Otherwise, be prepared for the specter of a judge in an American court with zero regard for anything but thier own bottom lines. Be prepared to be AGHAST for the rest of your natural life.
Judge Karla Kerlin's  face and her actions will haunt me, my mother, and my sister et al. till our  dying days. She was so openly and shamelessly  complicit in a barbarically malicious  prosecution -of an obviously innocent defendant. The defendant was aquitted of all charges by a judge, FYI. So , there is indeed one decent judge that exists. But, so far-- just one.
Now with the transcripts of the ex partes and her justificaton for not lowering the  bail - when there could be no justification for bail period,   and she absolutely knew it. - such an unabashed  desire to assist Marty Boags, Marty Singer, Jeff Dunn and the gang--Such an unabashed and shameless desire to help those who had no regard for truth- Dis-gusting.

Like Boxenbaum , Karla Kerlin,  figured she could  stomp whom those  perceived to be powerless and besieged underdogs. I guess they thought that they'd done it in the past and the person slunk away never to be seen again.Or, the culture of the Los Angeles  courthouse is so bad and so corrupted that as the new kid on the block she felt she had no choice but to play along.
Let's hope both such very different, but similarly self interested bullies, are forced to think twice before they fall prey to ugly and wrongheaded assumptions on what their victims will do in response .

Should be a cautionary tale to all such bullies .  Sadly, in this case, I just so much more than suspect that these two are stone cold sociopaths. Their actions dictate that- such cruelty and willingness to destroy a total  stranger- spread out over a too long time.
They had no beef with me and still chomped at the bit to hurt and devastate. What can explain that? Nothing, sadly. I can and try to understand much, but  this is just beyond the scope of the person of conscience.

Of course a  soulless "civil servant" with a gavel is  much scarier than a shlepper wannabe comedian like Scott Boxenbaum. Karla Kerlin committed treason ten times over in the case of torfeasors vs. Spitzberg-8CA10541."Shame on her" is way too mild an expression of what she did and what so far she has gotten away with.

So, rest that nasty little  head of yours, Boxenbum, Karla Kerlin takes the prize today.

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